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Meowth Animated Sprite by Melodious-Xgengar sprite- black and white by Midnight-ZafferBW -Tepig- 498 by ForeverSelenityTrubbish sprite by suigitouhoshinaKricketot Sprite by PlushBuddies

winners of the pokemon polls I need to make AMVs for:

Normal: Meowth - Headstrong
Fire: Charizard - Oopsy Daisy
Water: Mudkip - I'm Blue
Electric: Pachirisu - (don't have a song yet)
Grass: Snivy - Super Sonic
Ice: Articuno - Un Deux Trois
Fighting: Lucario - Fighter
Poison: Gengar - Toxic
Ground: Cubone - (don't have a song yet)
Flying: Butterfree - Believe in Myself



just felt like giving an update of what I've been doing for the past months here for dA people that might not know!

I've been auditioning like CRAZY on the VAC/VAA since May, and am now voicing in 27 different things!! super excited, and wanna keep this up! C:

I've said a few months or so ago that I'm more active on tumblr now, under the same username (plushbuddies)
still will answer people and upload plushies/drawings but I may be a bit slower than over there. 
also on tumblr I update a lot with the projects I voice in and do other fun silly voice things that you won't get here
just letting anyone know who's interested in that~ ovo 


United States
hey I'm a pair of pants who likes to make plushies of characters from (way too many) different fandoms and does AMVs usually too

if you're interested in my AMVs here's a list of my Youtube accounts…

and I've been putting them here too if you wanna keep track of when I put up new ones:

My dream job is to be a voice actor, and I'm sorta practicing by trying to get my theatre degree; I'm really excited!
Check out my webshow on Youtube if you want, the link to the account I upload it on is down there C:
(episodes 10 and on will be uploaded here too though)

I'm a Christian. <3

It really makes my day when people comment since it doesn't happen often and I love talking to people here! So if you could please do that but I'm not going to make you haha

plz accounts:…

Experiment challenge -…

AMV list:…


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